Looking To Design The Perfect Living Room? Here Is Why The Mission Style May Be For You!

Mission style furniture came about in the late nineteenth century after the Arts and Crafts movement in England. It quickly became popular in America due to its simple, but sturdy, design, and even today the mission style persists as one of the most popular types of home decor.

Mission style living room furniture are suited well with darker wall colors, such as deep greens or rich reds; however, neutral backgrounds can also can also create an impressive contrast that really allows the furniture to pop. (Think desert tones like sandy beige or terra cotta.) Mission rugs can additionally give extra flair to any floor, wooden or carpeted, and help tie together your design scheme.

The Mission Style

When looking for mission style living room sets, it’s important to know the traits that the style embodies.

  • Lines. Vertical and Horizontal are one of the most defining elements that mission style embodies. Coupled with flat planes that can mimic the natural grain of wood, it is both simple, but eye-catching and rich.
  • Simple. Another reason many people are drawn to this style is the simplicity. It conveys a rich style without being overbearing or too busy. Due to the fact that the style doesn’t contain much ornamentation or complex pattern, it can be easily set against rich or neutral colors without making the room feel cluttered.
  • Slats. Parallel and vertical slats are another common feature of mission style furniture and mission rugs. This gives the furniture a simple but sturdy look that can also appeal to a contrasting sense of light and heavy elements. It’s a balance that can be hard to come by when trying to design with other styles, which is one reason why it has persisted for so long.
  • Exposed Elements. Another major feature is the exposure of furniture joints. This not only allows the furniture to be sturdier and more durable, but it is a look that many homeowners find highly appealing. Overall it comes across as appearing very streamlined, without feeling too harsh or heavy.

Mission In Your Home

The mission style is still going strong, and it isn’t difficult to see why. The simplicity of the design, contrasted by it’s innate sense of warmth can give your home a welcoming and inviting feeling, without weighing the room down or seeming too busy. Additionally, the vertical and horizontal line patterns can help guide your eyes to focal points that can really bring an extra sense of coordination and life to your whole home. This effect, often employed by artists, is something that can wow visitors and leave them wanting to use the same tactic in their own homes. Mission rugs in particular can be incredible tools, especially in entrance halls, as they not only warm the space, but can help guide guests to the features you want highlighted.

Overall the mission style has become something of an American staple, and if you are looking for a style to help bring life into your home, it is something to seriously consider the next time you go furniture shopping.

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