Buying and Selling Jewelry for a Fair Price

Many gems and precious metals are used to make jewelry, silverware, and accessories of all sorts, often quite valuable. Some are recently made, and others are antiques that collectors may pay a hefty price for. Jewelry is nearly universally valued for the gems and metals involved, not to mention the historic value of some jewelry or the aesthetics of a well-crafted piece. Selling jewelry is often done either with trusted online retailers, or it can be done at an antique trade show. At such trade shows, experts may look over diamonds, jewelry, silver tea sets, and more to assess those items’ value and help make a fair sale possible. When the time comes to sell jewelry or sell diamonds, the owner must take care that they get a fair price. Jewelry buyers may wish to do the same, so they don’t end up over-paying for something. And what about custom jewelry?

Value of Silver and Gems

Gold, platinum, and silver are three of the most common precious metals, and many pieces of jewelry are made with them. Not only that, but other items such as tea sets, watches, trophies, and even hand-held mirrors and lighters may be coated with gold or silver, often the latter. When someone plans to sell their jewelry or silver-coated items, it is important that professionals look it over first and assess its value. Not all owners of precious antiques will know how to determine a fair price, and they may end up ripping off either themselves or a buyer otherwise. The former is a disservice to themselves, and the latter may result in legal actions.

What should the owner of antique goods look for? This owner can visit an antiques trade show or company and ask professionals to look over the items they have to offer, may they be trophies, watches, or earrings or brooches, for example. When it comes to items either made from or coated with gold or silver, an expert will assess the purity of that metal and its condition, not to mention the handiwork. All of these factors and more may affect the value of the piece, and that goes for earrings and necklaces, too. If an item’s gold or silver components are fairly pure, in good condition, and made expertly, that may result in a fairly high estimated value, and the owner may use this as reference when selling it.

A person may sell their valuables in person, where they and the other party might in fact negotiate the price, or there may be an auction. In other cases, the owner may sell their item online, and when someone buys it, the owner may carefully package the item and ship it. This means including enough padding so the item is not scratched, chipped, dented, or broken during delivery, and the container should be waterproof, too. Packaging may also include bubble wrap or using multiple bags or boxes to keep liquids or extremes of humidity or heat out.

Custom Goods

What about custom jewelry, such as rings or necklaces? When someone wants to buy a custom engagement ring, they certainly are not going to find an antique, but rather, ask a jewelry to make one. Traditional engagement rings are a gold band with a diamond in it, and while this model is still popular today, some men choose to make custom variants. Nearly any part of the ring may be customized as desired, from the metal used to the gem used to that gem’s cut, and more. The engagement ring can even have custom patterns carved into it, such as leaf patterns or sentimental information.

A customer may visit a jeweler and describe what they want the ring to look like, and the jeweler will make a colored sketch so that both parties can confirm and agree upon the exact details. The jeweler will then work over the course of a few weeks to make that ring, and then notify the customer, who will then pick it up and pay for it. Many women may also create custom jewelry for everyday use, and they may eventually choose to sell it, too. Such custom jewelry may stand out on the market, depending on buyers’ tastes.

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