Are You Experiencing Mood Swings And Insomnia After Giving Birth? Consider Reaching Out To A Doula

Giving birth is a monumental event. Taking care of a child?

That’s even more difficult, doubly so when you’re a brand new mother. This bump in the journey can feel all but impossible as you’re recovering, even if you have a support system ready to help. While you might want to do nothing more than sleep, consider typing in ‘doula near me’ next time you’re browsing online. You’ll be given access to local birth coaches who specialize in helping new mothers transition into their role. Work-related issues, mental health problems, they can give you some much-needed perspective on what you’re dealing with.

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of a doula, read below to learn more.

Are Doulas Medical Professionals?

The most important thing to know is that a doula is not a replacement for a medical professional. They are, rather, a supplement to your new motherhood and can help you better transition into a new role. A doula will provide you both emotional and physical support as you recover from childbirth — this includes (but isn’t limited to) answering common questions, helping you develop proper sleep habits, and alleviating stress. Doulas have been around for a long time and are considered an indispensable element of the birthing process. Even experienced mothers benefit from the aid of a doula.

Where Do The Mood Swings Come From?

What can be frightening at first are the mood swings. They can make you feel unlike yourself and make you worry you’re unfit to take care of your child. Recent medical estimates have shown postpartum depression occurs after nearly 15% of births, particularly among new mothers. This common issue can see you struggling with unusual mood swings, insomnia, and issues with your appetite. Your doula will help monitor your health and provide you keen solutions to get you back up to speed — this may or may not include resources like hormone therapy or counseling.

Why Won’t My Baby Fall Asleep?

Easily one of the most frustrating parts of giving birth is failing to get rest. This can be caused by postpartum depression and insomnia or the baby struggling to fall asleep. Most babies do not begin sleeping throughout the night without waking until they’re three months of age. This can also correlate with their weight, as 12 to 13 pounds is considered healthy and stable. A recent study found two-thirds of babies are able to sleep on a regular basis by the time they’re six months of age.

What If I Can’t Breastfeed?

Another good reason to look up ‘doula near me’ is when you’re facing more struggles than usual. Postpartum depression may be common, but being unable to breastfeed can feel like a personal failure. Doula services can provide you solutions if you’re failing to breastfeed — this issue can be caused by postpartum depression, breast infections, or just improper techniques. Just like anything else, becoming a mother is a process you get better at as you go along. Even experienced mothers are always learning something new.

Should I Find A Doula Near Me?

Doula services are the bridge between your medical professional and your new life. Postpartum doula packages will provide you a well-rounded experience to help you become a skilled, confident mother. Ask your doula about going back to work after giving birth or why you’re struggling to fall asleep. Separation anxiety, postpartum depression, and better breastfeeding techniques are just a few of the elements they can teach you. If you need referrals, they can make sure you’re redirected to the right professional.

Improve your confidence. Look up ‘doula near me’ and bridge the gap between the past and the future.

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