How Picking a Theme Can Pull Your Home Decor Together

When it comes to home decor, there are two ways of going about it. One is to do a complete makeover, to change a complete room or even the whole house, in one go. This may be too much of a undertaking for most people, so it’s best to choose a designer whose work appeals to you to handle the logistics. The other way, which is much easier to do yourself, is to change things one at a time, adding in special pieces as and when they appear in your life or when you feel a need for them. You can pick upscale home decor items like chandeliers, luxury furnishings and velvet drapes one at a time, to match the existing decor and feel of your home.

Picking your unique home decor
Whichever method you choose, to do a complete makeover with modern luxury home decor or pick one item of upscale home decor at a time, it helps to have a theme in mind. This could be suggested by the style of your home, the furniture it already contains, the kind of feel it has, and even heirloom items from your family. Very often, the theme for luxury home decor can be suggested by the location of the house.
Your house might have a spectacular oceanfront view, which needs very little by way of decor to enhance, which is why coastal home decor tends to be simple and breezy. Or your house may be surrounded by rolling woodlands, which suggest a classic, romantic ambience with William Morris-inspired designs. Mountain vistas suggest cozy interiors with wood paneling and warm rugs, while items like Asian cocktail tables and Moroccan furniture bring touches of global cultures to your space.

Finding the right piece for each space
Updating home decor on a later scale is a task that most people tend to avoid. A survey by the HomeGoods store found that almost half, or 47% of al those surveyed, hadn’t updated their homes at all during the past five years. And 9% admitted to not having updated their home decor in 10 years. In general, when choosing to update your home decor, it’s a lot easier to go one piece at a time.
After all, that’s how most stately homes grew: each generation added furnishings and decor items according to its own tastes and over the years the various styles merged to create a gracious, welcoming home. So when you come across a Japanese garden stool or a checkers coffee table, you know just the place for it in your home.

Whether you decide to go for a complete makeover or to pick one item of upscale home decor at a time, it helps to keep a theme in mind. It can determine your choice of furniture, drapes, lighting and artwork. With an underlying idea to pull it all together, you can create a welcoming and luxurious space for yourself, your family and friends.

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