Enhance Your Home’s Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces With Slipcovers

Many individuals enjoy creating comfortable and inviting home and outdoor living environments with different types of furnishings and decor. Surveys have shown that quite a few individuals want their home decor to reflect their lifestyle, personality, and individual tastes. When purchasing new outdoor furniture, shoppers may choose a variety of chairs, tables, and recliners. Tub and wing chairs are popular purchases for indoors. The sofa also continues to be a desired piece of furniture for living rooms and dens.

A Few Insights into Sofa Buyers

When people buy new sofas, they want them to have a long lifespan. According to a recent survey, approximately 36% of the participants indicated they expected to keep their sofa for five to nine years. Other participants, or 28%, indicated that they planned to keep their new sofas for 15 or more years. Given this, it’s not surprising that a sofa’s quality and durability were at the top of the list for 91% of sofa-buyers.

Slipcover Fabric Recommendations

Whether you want to preserve your existing furniture or are updating your home’s decor, slipcovers are an excellent way to accomplish both of these tasks. Slipcovers are available in a variety of fabrics and textures. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s a natural and lightweight fabric. In addition to being breathable, it can also hold up to high temperatures. Synthetic suede, for example, is able to resist both stains and water damage. Choosing a tightly-woven fabric is a good idea. This is because the fabric will maintain its shape and won’t become damaged by dirt or various types of stains.

How to Update Your Home’s Decor

Since you’re planning to update your home’s decor, a tub chair slipcover can provide a welcome pop of color. In addition to a tub chair slipcover, you may also be interested in recliner seat covers, sleeper sofa slipcovers, or slipcovers for your outdoor furniture. If you already have slipcovers on your chairs and sofas, it may be time to replace them with something new. Once you speak with a representative, you will be able to learn more about the different types of slipcovers along with fabric choices and color palettes.

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