4 Essential Additions for Your Man Cave

When you work hard, you want a haven where you can revel in all the things you love. In other words, you want a Man Cave. Many people get their Man Cave by renovating their basement. Once you have a list of everything you want, you should find a basement remodeling contractor.

Safety will come first, regardless of any fantasy for your room. Be sure your basement remodel plans emphasize safety standards. Show your contractor your basement floor plan and ask them if the design is possible. They may ask you to adjust your expectations to complete the room safely after considering things like plumbing and electrical.

When considering a basement Man Cave, there will be some basement must haves. An HVAC contractor and an electrician may be needed besides the general contractor. If the upper level of your home has been integrated with a smart hub, it will make sense to connect utilities in the basement to the smart hub.

After painting the basement and ensuring temperature control, you can shop for the best basement furniture to fulfill your dreams. Comfortable recliners or a sofa are probably the first items on your list. Don’t forget you’ll also need well-situated end tables or a coffee table.

The man cave is a classic addition to any home. Of course, this room isn’t literally designed to look like a cave. You’ll find that there are plenty of design ideas for this room. After choosing the right theme, it’s important to choose the right furnishings. It’s understandable to find this task a bit overwhelming. Before visiting a furniture store, you’ll need to know the best pieces for this room. With that in mind, here are four essential additions for any man cave.

  1. Entertainment Center

    Many guys who are hanging out in a man cave are relaxing. Therefore, it’s wise to make sure that there is always something on in this room. You’ll find that a large television makes for the perfect way to enjoy a game or movie with your friends. Many people enjoying playing video games on the latest consoles. This means it’s wise to consider purchasing an entertainment center for your television. In turn, you’ll have plenty of room without unsightly wires all over the floor.
  2. Side and Coffee Tables

    It’s also important to have places for drinks, food, and decorative items. With that in mind, you’ll want to find a nice sturdy coffee table. The coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in any man cave. In fact, statistics gathered from a Furniture Today study in 2016 found that 57% of consumers prefer vintage furnishings. Whether you prefer vintage or modern pieces, ensure that you also purchase a few side tables. This ensures that you’ll have places for lamps to keep the room brightly lit.
  3. Spacious Seating

    Statistics show that 91% of people purchasing sofa find durability to be of the utmost importance. If you’re looking for durability and comfort, consider leather sectional sofas. Leather sofas are perfect additions to your man cave. In addition, sectional sofas offer plenty of space for everyone. The next time there’s a game on, don’t be surprised if everyone wants to enjoy it at your place.
  4. Wall Hangings

    One study found that 72.7% of those surveyed felt their furniture choices reflect their unique personalities. Therefore, it’s important to remember that your man cave needs to reflect your personality. While adding furniture is great, it’s also important to consider sprucing up your walls. With that in mind, you’ll want to think about things that interest you. For instance, someone who loves cars might have pieces of art relating to vintage automobiles. If your man cave has a movie theater theme, purchase art related to your favorite films.

To summarize, there are several important additions for your man cave. When it’s time to visit a furniture store, you’ll want to choose one offering quality items. In turn, you can rest assured that your man cave furnishings will last a long time. Adding these items to your man cave will go a long way to ensure it’s set up properly.

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