Excessive Clutter Is Linked To Increased Rates Of Depression The Mental Health Benefits Of Organization

There’s something about a well-organized space that just feels right.

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re on the way out of the house. Everything looks neat and polished when you return after a long day’s work. Organization is how we make sense of our cluttered surroundings and when you’re living in a proverbial pig sty…it’s not hard to see why you’re feeling blue as of late. Consider making this the year that you get your apartment or house in gear and pick up the art of crafting. You’ll find it has not just aesthetic benefits, but mental and physical benefits, too.

Who knows? You might also find a new favorite hobby along the way.

Crafting is an old art with a modern look. It’s the go-to method for people who want an environment that’s clean, organized and pleasing to the eye. This is the underlying foundation that fuels Instagram posts and Etsy purchases the country over. A recent survey conducted by Etsy across 5,000 different American sellers found over 95% worked from home, with another 75% considering their shops to be businesses rather than hobbies. Whether you’re considering organization as a side gig or just a means of improving your mental health, there are plenty of benefits to be found with a little extra work.

Are you a parent? Then a storage cube organizer or series of craft storage bins could be your next favorite thing. Children, particularly very young ones, aren’t familiar with the benefits of organization. They just want to play! Teaching them these skills early on means being clever and adding a bit of fun to an activity that could very well be viewed as a chore. British research found the average 10 year-old to own over 200 toys, but played with less than a dozen of them during a given week. Setting up a bunch of colorful cube shelf drawers can turn even clean-up into playtime.

Perhaps you’re a busy individual who’s tired of losing hours in the day trying to find your keys or pick the perfect outfit on the way to the bus. A study conducted by The Daily Mail found that, over the course of a lifetime, people spend a staggering 3,500 hours attempting to find misplaced items. This ongoing research also revealed we lose up to nine items each day…or nearly 200,000 items throughout the course of our lives. A storage cube organizer on top of your fridge or hobby room storage by your bedroom door can finally give you some peace-of-mind as you attempt to get through the workweek.

Crafting has been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health. Relaxing, yet involving hobbies such as knitting, painting, sculpting, carving and stocking have been found to release extra dopamine, the happy chemical in your body designed to keep you feeling good. A study published in the British Journal Of Occupational Therapy asked multiple respondents to share their thoughts on the beneficial nature of knitting. Over 80% stated their symptoms of depression were significantly reduced after a good knitting session. Today there are over 20 million quilters in the United States, ranging from hobbyists to businessowners.

Cube storage ideas can span the width of your home. They can be used to store extra seasonings in the kitchen to make cooking easier. Individual storage cubes can be stacked in your child’s room to help them with tidying up at night. Craft room furniture ideas can even be cleverly established throughout your living room to blend aesthetic and function together. The average American home today has over 300,000 items. Clutter has also been linked to high rates of anxiety, reduced sleeping patterns and increased irritability. When you want to take control of your life? You start with a storage cube organizer and a little bit of extra time.

How could a storage cube organizer improve your day-to-day life? Invest in some craft room paper storage containers and watch everything, quite literally, fall into place.

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