3 Popular Types of Seats for Swing Sets

Unfortunately, many children find themselves spending a lot of time indoors. In fact, statistics gathered from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children ages 8 to 18 spend a combined 4.5 hours per day watching phone, computer, and television screens. With that in mind, it’s important that children are able to spend time away from these devices by spending time playing outdoors. When the weather permits, many people love visiting local parks to get out of the house while enjoying playground supplies. This means many people are going to want to use swings. Considering that, here are three popular types of swings to consider placing in your park.

  • Belt Swings

    While you might not have heard of belt swings, the chances are good that you’ve been on one. This type of swing seat gets its name from looking similar to a belt. Belt swings are often made from rubber. In turn, this allows the seat to feel comfortable while swinging is taking place. You’ll typically find that belt swings are available in a wide variety of fun colors.
  • Bucket Swings

    If you’re needing playground supplies for younger visitors, you’ll definitely want to have a few bucket swings at your park. Instead of being shaped like a belt, bucket swings look more like an actual seat. A bucket swing supports someone better than a belt swing. This is why bucket swings are for toddlers and belt swings are safer for older children. Therefore, bucket swings allow for smaller children to safely be pushed in a swing by their parents. Outdoor play is even more important for children under the age of five as it helps them develop their motor skills. Numerous studies have found that outdoor play is a great way for these skills to develop.
  • Tire Swings

    You likely remember swinging on a homemade tire swing when you were younger. Many who are now parents recall spending more time outside when they were young than their children. In fact, one study found that children now only play outside a mere four hours a week. While the tire swing of the past was fun, this fun item has become much safer. There are now plastic tire swings that you can place in your park. Plastic tire swings offer the same fun of this experience without using an actual heavy tire. Real tires can be dangerous on a playground while plastic tire swings are lightweight.

In closing, there are several types of swings that you’ll want to consider having at your playground. Of course, you’re going to need more than just quality seat equipment. In addition, it’s important that you have strong and secure chains to use with swing seats. No matter which types of seats you choose, the swing will always remain a playground classic that provides fun for all ages.

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