Why Every Gamer Should Own A Bean Bag Chair

Giant beanbag chairs

When it comes to playing video games, comfort is important. For a marathon video gaming session a cute bean bag chair is infinitely more comfortable than sitting on the floor or in a hard chair. While couches can also provide comfort, a giant bean bag chair is considerably easier to move around. Huge bean bags can be moved from room to room and a cute bean bag chair can even be taken to a friend’s home for a multi person gaming session. Yes, a gamer bean bag chair is import for comfort and ease in gaming and a cute bean bag chair can add style to any room that it’s place in.

The need for a cute bean bag chair has increased as more people engage in some type of video game than ever before. In fact, over 150 million people in the United States partake in video games on a regular basis and that number is divided relatively evenly among women and men, with 60% of video gamers surveyed responding as men and 40% responded that they were women. Video gaming has proven to be a life long hobby as well, with the average video gamer playing video games for at least thirteen years. The average age of a video gamer is thirty five, proving that video games are not just for children. In fact, about half of all video gamers use video games as a way to socialize with friends (and even as a way to make new friends). Around 50% of all video gamers report that they play social video games on a regular basis.

Giant bean bag chairs can certainly be useful for the millions of Americans who consider themselves gamers. A nice bean bag chair can last for years and survive a number of moves, be it from room to room or home to home. Bean bag chairs can come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes as well, from corduroy bean bag chairs to a fuzzy bean bag chair. Because of the wide range of different bean bag chairs as well as companies that manufacture them, it is more likely than not that every video gamer in the United States would be able to find a cute bean bag chair that best suited them. Bean bag chairs are a great way for gamers to stay comfortable while gaming, as well as easily transportable for when gamers wish to play with friends.

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