Are You Looking for a Place to Stay When You Travel for Work?

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The new job offer is exciting.
It is, however, in another town than where you currently live.
The fact that your youngest daughter is still just a junior in high school means that you are not going to be permanently moving to Denver from Omaha. You do need, however, a place to stay when you are in town for the new job. The best solution seems to be finding one of the many available executive apartments. By avoiding the luggage that would need to travel with you if you were in hotels, the executive apartments you are looking at an give you a permanent place to stay when you are in the Denver office, as well as providing you plenty of storage space to keep part of your wardrobe. It will be a hectic couple of years, but the job offer is too good to pass. By taking the time to look at the executive apartments that are available you can have a home away from home when you need to be in the corporate office.
Executive Apartments and Townhomes Provide a Great Option for Business Travelers
Finding the right place to stay when you are a business traveler can be a challenge. Hotel rooms are small and rarely allow guests to feel like they are in a real home. Executive apartments, however, can be a permanent location that makes sense when someone is frequently traveling to the same location. In fact, these apartments can be so roomy and comfortable that the business person can invite family members for a weekend instead of always traveling back home.
If you are looking at a job that is located far from where your family lives you may be able to complete most of work by telecommuting. For the times that you do need to be onsite, however, you want to find a place to stay that is both comfortable and convenient. Having an apartment instead of a hotel room can be a great solution.
Consider some of these statistics about the advantages that renting executive apartments have over staying in hotel rooms night after night, or, even, owning a home in some cities:

  • Joining a hotel rewards program can help you gain points to use for future stays, but finding an executive apartment saves you time and provides convenience.
  • Unless you are able to fully relax at night after work, it is difficult to be fully focused the next day. A permanent apartment provides more opportunity for this relaxation.
  • Statistics show that 50% of the renter respondents in a survey considered renting a better choice for living within a budget and having less stress, so executive apartments may even be the solution for a permanent relocation.
  • The results of a recent Apartment Guide survey indicate that 60% of property managers cited pools and fitness centers as one of their tenants? top three most desired amenities in apartments and townhomes.

  • Living out of a suitcase is both disorienting and exhausting. Apartment living provides more of a sense of permanence.
  • In a new city, there is comfort in finding an community in an upscale apartment building.
  • Keeping the comforts of home is another way to make life more bearable. For this reason, more than 70% of apartment renters own pets.
  • Estimates indicate that 42.58 million housing units in American are occupied by renters.

  • How many times have you moved? The average American moves as many as 12 times in their lifetime.
  • One of every three renters move every single year.
  • Moving is never easy, but if you have the opportunity to transition into an apartment rather than a hotel room, the change may be easier to manage.
  • Estimates from a Gallup Survey indicates that 25% of Americans move every five years.

If you are a frequent traveler you know the struggle of checking in and out of hotel rooms and packing and unpacking suitcases. By staying in an executive apartment, however, use the same key to enter the same space and open your own permanent closet in the morning, instead of sorting through suitcases. Even if you decide to move for a new job, renting may be a better option than buying if you will be in your new location for five years or less.

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