What to consider before buying a house

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It isn’t about where you live, necessarily. A lot of people seem to think this but it’s a false idea. Many seem to believe that if you just live in a certain area with certain things then happiness will automatically come. This isn’t always true, however. It can be a tempting idea but it’s ultimately bound to lead to disappointment if follow it all the way to the end. So, the question remains then, what does lead to a greater sense of fulfillment? If it’s not in the place you live or the things you own, then what path should people follow to some sort of contentment? Life is full of unexpected disappointments after all and there’s no way to escape that. How do you reach a place where you can live with all the bad things and good things that might happen? There are a lot of answers to this question, of course, and no one is going to be the right one for everyone. There are many answers as there are fish in all the oceans of the world but there are a few good places to start finding an answer. It’s better to show rather than tell, in this instance. Let’s start with a story and see where it might lead to better understand the nuances of this question.

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    Grant is a mid level accountant living in the middle of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. He makes a decent living and has saved a fair bit of money despite the expenses of living in the middle of the city. He lives alone but he has two mice and a fondness for swimming in the ocean on the weekends. Sometimes he floats and pretends he’s becoming one with the water, just drifting down and down into the darkness. On Wednesdays, he goes out to his favorite Italian restaurant and watches the people go by. It’s not a bad life and he’s made the most of out of it so far. He’s content, as far as contentment can go but he begins to want something else. He feels that strongly and knows it will be time to move out of the city soon. It’s getting too crowded for him and he doesn’t take advantage of it the opportunities of living in an urban area like he used to. He takes to the internet and starts researching houses for sale in his spare time and he finds a few promising leads. But, before he goes farther, he stops to think.
    The realities of buying a home
    Even before he makes a decision about buying a new home or searching for new homes at all, he takes a moment to think about how he wants to live and what house would be best to facilitate it. It isn’t about where the house is. Not exactly. That matters, of course, as does a couple other factors we’ll get to in a moment but first and foremost is how he chooses to spend his time. It’s about more than just houses for sale. It’s about the person inside the house and what the house means around them. He likes to spend time outdoors and see lots of different kinds of people. Grant is therefore not going to want to be isolated in his choices.
    Types of homes, types of considerations
    Once he best understands himself, Grant can begin to take the steps that go into traditionally purchasing a home. He considers location based on his preferences and tries to big a home that’s big enough to entertain guests. He picks one with the right energies and flow that suit his most common moods. After sorting through these ideals, he begins to look at pricing and what he can afford as a single man. He’s lucky with his job and relative skill but not everyone has the resources available to them that he does. Grant knows that it’s not all about money or simply houses for sale. It’s all about finding the right space and cultivating yourself so you can keep growing stronger.

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