3 Effective Types of Door Locks for Commercial Application

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If you are a business owner, security for your employees and assets is usually the top priority. Whether you are looking for the best interior or exterior door lock, functionality should come first before cost, style and finish. Typically, the choice of a door lock will depend on various safety and security concerns affecting businesses. In addition to that, the type of door used in these commercial offices and facilities will determine the type of locking mechanism to be used.

In a modern business environment like this, challenges and threats become part of the daily business activities. These challenges emanate from every possible direction and while some of you are striving to protect your online channels, you could be ignoring those intruders waiting for a chance to strike.

Therefore, it is vital for you as a business owner to be updated on the current and most advanced commercial door locks that will assure you and your staff security and keep away unauthorized access from intruders. Now, which type of door locks are appropriate for your commercial application?

Lever Handle Locks
Lever handle locks are the most widely used type of lock for commercial settings and they are normally used for inner doors. Considering the ADA standards, this door lock can be changed and made accessible for either right or left handedness people. Besides, lever handle locks are easy to open, thanks to the relative large push down handle. When comparing between a lever handle lock and a knob lock, you’ll notice that most knob locks are rigid and require you to tightly grasp and turn, something which is frustrating to someone people. However, of all the commercial door locks available in the market, lever handle locks often undergo excessive pressure trying to open and lock than any other door lock. Although, there are some specially designed levers that instantly react if they are forced instead of applying too much pressure on them.

Mortise Locks
Mortise locks also likened to Rim locks are usually applied in commercial doors, especially glass doors. However, you can choose to hire a locksmith and have them installed in your apartment for maximum security on your possessions. While rim locks and mortise locks differ in their hardware, they basically offer similar functions. When installing a door that uses a lock and latch system, rim or mortise lock should be your preferred options because they can be easily mounted on the surface or within the door. The long metal piece in a rim lock extends towards the door surface into locking mechanisms located on the opposite side of the door. Mortise lock, on the other hand, it is mounted within the body of a door and is fastened by a set of screws.

Interchangeable Core Cylinders
Another functional commercial door locks are the IC locks which are commonly used in learning institutions and big corporates. This type of lock highly preferred mainly because of its ability to re-key the lock. This can be done through swapping out the lock core without necessarily disassembling the entire lock. The interchangeable core has different types of keys that perfectly work in the lock, which is the standard operator key and the control key. Both the keys come in handy when you need to upgrade the locks by just replacing the lock cores.

In conclusion, when looking to install a door lock, consider the threat level you are exposed to. While most commercial door locks work best on both exterior and interior doors, it’s important that you understand the right door lock that offers both security features as well as the ease-of-use for you and your employees.

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