How Red Cross Pickup Services Can Give Back To Your Local Community And Save You Money

Red cross clothes donation

It’s the little things that keeps the United States afloat. While it may seem unimportant or even mundane to donate used clothes or recycle your milk cartons, the fact of the matter is that the environment and economy both entirely depend on our everyday actions. When the average American can create up to four pounds of trash on a daily basis and landfills cause significant strain on local resources and nearby wildlife both, it stands to reason that visiting a Red Cross clothes donation can go a long way in reversing a seemingly impossible trend.

How Often Do People Donate To Charity?

Think donating to charity is a rare act? Not quite. Studies have shown 70% of Americans giving to charity on a yearly basis, adding up to 3% of total American income. Non-profits, in turn, donate over $650 billion back to the American economy through the combined efforts of workers and regular donations. Many people donate to charity, whether it’s an ongoing process or a once in a while drop-off.

What Do People Donate To Charity?

You can donate a wide variety of objects to charitable organizations, though some specialize in certain items. Clothing donations are one of the most popular methods of giving back to local communities and businesses alike, with jackets, shoes, shirts, sweaters and pants being some of the most popular clothing articles given by everyday Americans. Red Cross pickup services also allow people a more flexible donation schedule.

Who Buys From Charitable Organizations?

The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest American charity as ranked by ongoing private donations — the year 2014 saw the organization receiving nearly $688 million. Americans consume well over 20 billion garments on a yearly basis, adding up to 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes per person. Overall? That’s one piece of clothing purchased every single week. Studies have also shown 60% of high net worth donors citing ‘giving back to the community’ as their chief motivation for giving.

What Are Additional Benefits To Donating?

Your charitable donation will recycle important textiles back into your community as well as encourage local and national job growth. For those looking to save a little on finances you can even see tax deductions for every donation you make to your nearby Red Cross pickup services. The amount of money you’ll receive for your donation depends on the item given — a three-piece suit, for example, can run an upwards of $30 to $40 while furniture can see a higher amount depending on the rarity and quality.

Where Can I Get Started?

American Red Cross clothing donations are one of the most useful ways of helping out people and the environment in one simple, easy action. Keep in mind your clothes should be gently used — no holes or tears — and you can even call your nearby charity for pick up services if you’re unable to stop by. Simply call them with easy-to-follow directions to your house or apartment and they’ll take any bags or boxes of clothes to recycle back into your community and economy. Consider calling Red Cross pickup services and see how you can help families and individuals in need.

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