The Good and the Bad About Living in a Condo Complex

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If you are looking for single family homes then there are some great real estate properties for you to look into. Make sure that you have everything lined up and know what you want from a place like that because it could be where you raise your little ones and see them off to college. However, if you are going to be buying a place for the very first time or are looking to start buying investment properties, then you might be a little more interested in some regular or luxury condos for sale. However, finding a condo for sale might be a little difficult considering that they get bought up fairly quickly. There are pros and cons to living in a condo. Here are some of the good things about getting a condo for sale.

Community Spirit
The thing about living in condos that there are often community events and gatherings that encourage people and neighbors to get together and get to know one another. It also gives the kids something to do during the summer as there are usually various kids’ clubs and pool parties to attend. Often times the neighbors will get together in a common area and have a cook out during summer holidays.

Homeowner’s Associations
It is so wonderful not having to worry about what the grounds look like. If you buy a condo, you are guaranteed to have a clean pool and spa tub, mowed grass, pruned trees and clear sidewalks. That’s because the homeowner’s association takes care of all of that and it’s included in your homeowner’s association fees.

Safety in Numbers
If you feel safer around people than out on your own land then a condo is definitely for you. You would still be connected to neighbors on both sides and above or below, usually. This means that there is plenty of help very close should you have an emergency. Plus, all the community events means that you probably will get to know some neighbors pretty well and you’ll always have someone looking out for you.

Here are some of the not so good things about getting a condo for sale.

Nosy Neighbors
It’s great for some people to be good friends with their neighbors but there’s always going to be those few neighbors that just want to stick their nose into everyone’s business. Well, at a condo complex, that’s easy to do because everyone’s homes are just a stone’s throw away.

Homeowner’s Associations
You read that right. Homeowner’s associations are a positive and a negative thing. Sure, they cut the grass and keep everything looking nice but they also have a say in what the outside of your condo looks like or what you keep in your porch. They might have a problem with your exterior decorations. You will likely have to get permission before putting anything up outside. You might even need to petition them if you want to park somewhere other than your one designated covered parking space. You also have to pay a homeowner’s association fee which is above and beyond your mortgage payment. The price of the fee will probably increase each year.

There’s a lot of people crammed into a condo complex and it can feel a little claustrophobic. If you stay home a lot then you might not even notice but just standing outside your door, you’ll have neighbors coming and going constantly, people yelling and splashing from the pool, others walking dogs and checking the mail or taking out the trash. It’s a very busy area. It’s the same kinds of things that would happen in a single family home neighborhood but because the complex is smaller, it can feel overcrowded at times.

If you want to live somewhere where you can be as loud as you want, as free as you like with space to roam, looking at a condo for sale is definitely not where you should be searching. You want to look more on the outskirts of town at ranches and open properties and lots. However, if you like the idea of living close to people and partaking in that community and family environment, condos are a good bet for you.

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