Vacation Resorts Can Be a Better Choice Than Hotels


When traveling on vacation many people choose to stay in a hotel. But for longer stays there actually can be a better and cheaper often. If you are staying a week or more at your vacation site, you should consider vacation resorts. Such resorts often have better long-term rates than hotels and may have better amenities as well.

If you are traveling for business, then you will probably get a better deal by staying at a hotel. But most people, about four out of every five, are for leisure, and most leisure trips involve a stay of at least a week. If you are staying a week or longer, you can often get a better deal by staying at vacation resorts. These resorts often are condo developments or they may be time shares. In addition to getting a lower price on longer stays, vacation resorts also have many other advantages.

For one thing, when you stay at a vacation resort, you typically get more privacy and more space than you would in a hotel. Most vacation resort residences are either actual condos or they are condo-like, with separate bedrooms and bathrooms as well as full kitchens. That can allow your stay to be more relaxing, especially if have to spend several days with family members. It can also make your stay slightly less expensive if you are able to make some of your meals in your own kitchen rather than having to eat out for every meal.

Vacation resorts often have more and better amenities than hotels as well. Though hotels often have pools and fitness centers, the ones at resorts are often larger and have more bells and whistles. Resorts also may offer social gatherings for those staying there, something you are not likely to find at most hotels.

One of the places you are most likely to find many vacation resorts is Florida. The fact that nearly 100 million people visit the state each year, combined with the fact that most places in Florida are 60 miles or less from the coast make vacation resorts popular and successful there.

The next time you are looking to take a long vacation, consider staying at a vacation resort rather than a hotel.

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