Different Types of Homes and Their Benefits


Where you decide to live really says a lot about you. Specifically, a lot about you during this particular time in your life, because people can always change where they reside due to numerous reasons. If you decide to live in your own bachelor pad-style apartment, one can probably assume you aren’t currently married and raising four kids.

Just because someone lives in different style homes doesn’t mean those homes aren’t great for them. In the wise words of the redneck guy from Joe Dirt, “hahm is wha yu ma id,” which translates to, “home is where you make it.”

Here are a few different types of homes and their benefits:

Your Own House

Usually the one that is chosen a little bit later in life (between late 20s and 30s), your own house definitely comes with the most responsibilities, but it also probably comes with the most benefits. You have the freedom to do whatever you want to your house. If you want to build an expansion room, go ahead. If you want to knockdown all the walls in your house to make for one gigantic room, go for it. If you want to have an underground secret swimming pool — and have an uncountable amount of cash — jump right in!

Renting Apartments

Apartments are great options for people to live in — especially young couples or single people. You can find apartments pretty much anywhere so it’s up to you to decide exactly where you want to live. If you love the downtown nightlife and want to be in walking distance, there are probably hundreds of apartments for you to check out. If you enjoy a little more peace and quiet, there are apartment options in more rural areas as well. You can also customize your apartment — albeit not as much as your own house — in a lot of ways, too. Don’t knock down any walls without the landlord’s permission, but changing up the apartment scenery and feng shui of your living space is up to you.


Living in townhomes can be great as well, especially for those who enjoy the community aspect of living. There are always events going on at these places and can be a lot of fun for all involved. There might not be as many townhome options as there are apartments, but you should still be able to find great options if that’s where you decide you want to live.

The decision is up to you — enjoy!

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