Universal Remote or Manufacturer Remote 4 Things You Should Know

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Americans spend an average of 2.8 to 5 hours per day watching television. When your remote goes missing it creates a frustrating problem. Roughly, 20% of Americans currently own some sort of electronic device, which they never use because they misplaced the remote controls. A misplaced remote leaves your electronics just sitting and collecting dust, and leaves you a frustrated mess when trying to watch television.

When you initially lose your television remote controls, your first thought might be to replace it with a universal TV remote replacement. While this may seem convenient, this is not the best solution. Your Sharp remote control, Philips remote control, Sony remote control, Samsung remote control as well as all other remote controls are unique to the specific device they work. An estimated 160 million US homes own a television, and an estimated 335 million remotes is used by each household to navigate them. Each television’s remote is specially designed to successfully and easily operate it.

Manufacturer TV remote controls are designed specifically for your television and all of the features that you television has. DVD remotes and remotes that work stereos and blue-ray players have specific buttons to control specific functions on that device. When you replace the original remote with a universal remote there is no guarantee that you will be able to access all of the functions on your device.

With ever changing technology new software is becoming more popular in more and more electronic devices. Universal remote controls that are older may not be compatible with the newer technology in some devices. Some older universal remotes, for example, may not be compatible with smart TVs and all their numerous functions. This can leave the consumer even more frustrated than before.

Universal remotes contain many buttons, which may or may not operate specific features on your device. Chances are many people do not ever use all of these buttons and are easily confused by them. In an attempt to mimic all features for all brands manufacturers must add these buttons, many of which you may never use for your specific model of television.

Universal remotes must also be programmed in order to work certain devices. In order to program it you need to know the universal remote codes. There are television remote control codes, blue-ray remote control codes and DVD player codes. If you cannot find the code to your specific model then you will spend a considerable amount of time searching and going through codes hoping to find the right one. Manufacturer remote controls, such as a replacement sharp remote control, will work your device instantly without any codes.

Whether you need a replacement sharp remote control or any other brand of replacement remote control the manufacturer is the best option. You are sure to get a remote control specific to what you need for your device. No time will be wasted programming and figuring out how to work your remote. From the moment you open it and put batteries in it, you will be able to enjoy all the features your device offers.

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