5 Reasons to Consider Electric Adjustable Beds

Adjustable mattress

If you have trouble sleeping, wake up exhausted, or just feel you cannot get enough rest, you are not alone. There are lots of things that may affect your sleep, but one that cannot be overlooked is your comfort and the quality of your bed. If you have ruled out any other sleep problems, trying electric adjustable beds may be just the ticket to helping you finally get some quality sleep-and feel better when you wake up, too!

5 Reasons to Consider Electric Adjustable Beds

1) Variety. Electric adjustable beds come with a variety of mattress types to promote your sleep comfort. Whether more traditional or memory foam is your preference, you can find an adjustable bed to meet your needs. In addition to options in the type of mattress, you can also add a variety of additional features to suit your individual needs.

2) Not Your Just Your Grandma’s Mattress. Today’s adjustable beds come with a variety of additional features to improve your comfort. For example, many come with the option of heat or massage elements-both of which will feel AMAZING and can help you get in the right mindset for getting a great night’s sleep.

3) They May Have Real Benefits to Your Health. In addition to the comfort electric adjustable beds provide, they may also impact some of your health issues. These beds may provide relief from low back pain, mild arthritis, or even edema or swelling of the legs. The National Sleep Foundation has found that more than 50% of adults have some kind of chronic pain and electric adjustable beds may provide much needed relief to these millions of Americans.

4) COMFORT. Comfort is KEY when it comes to getting a good night sleep. Adjustable beds can provide excellent comfort because they can be moved into positions that provide much needed support to all parts of your body, including your head, neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. All of this support equals huge comfort.

5) Pick Your Position. In addition to the big comfort factor of electric adjustable beds, they also support variety. You can pick your position, ranging from sitting up to lying flat and everything in between the support your exact needs that night. As you age or if you are dealing with a sudden injury, this flexibility can be huge to your overall sleep.

If you are tired of waking up tired, and want a sleep option that may help with some of your chronic pain issues, it may be time to do some looking for electric adjustable beds!

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