Do You Have Problems Sleeping at Night? Reasons to Toss Out Your Flat Mattress

Styles of adjustable beds

Do you have problems sleeping at night? Do you feel as though you don’t get enough sleep? Do you often feel tired, sore, or achy when you get up? Do you spend hours twisting and turning under the sheets? Does your spouse hate you for it?

Those are a lot of questions, we know, but the importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Proper sleep is incredibly important for your body’s health. Improper sleeping patterns can be detrimental to your body’s growth, stamina, cognitive skills such as memory, and your immune system. It can even be a cause of conditions like diabetes, obesity, and edema! With this in mind, problems sleeping at night is a serious concern. It is something that can — shall we say — keep you up at night.

The best pillows or queen bed in the world cannot account for this one attribute about your spine: your spine is S-shaped, not flat. Because of this, every flatbed mattress will automatically create gaps between the bed’s surface and your spine. Over time, these gaps can damage your back, which causes your problems sleeping at night. One potential result of long-term use of flatbeds is edema, which is a condition in which your feet and legs swell up due to built-up tissue fluids, causing much discomfort and pain. Ouch!

In order to combat sleeping problems, one option you can use is buying an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed is made up of special material such as memory foam that naturally adjusts to your body’s shape, providing that crucial support for your body as you fall asleep. Adjustable bed mattresses can also be electronic. They can come with options like heating and massage! By simply switching to an adjustable mattress, you can improve your sleep in a matter of days! Your problems sleeping at night will become — well, a dream!

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