3 Reasons a Banquet Hall Is Still a Great Venue Choice for a Wedding

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If you’ve been dreaming of outdoor wedding venues, you might be disappointed at first to “downgrade” to a plain banquet hall. Outdoor weddings are popular and chic, to be sure. But banquet halls are actually still some of the best wedding places, especially if you’re looking at affordable or even downright cheap wedding venues. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Additional Elements Are Affordable

    Not only are banquet hall rentals themselves typically quite affordable, you can normally find all-inclusive wedding packages that make the entire wedding easier to budget. Food, decorations and certain rentals (like chairs and tables) can often be provided by the hotel or hall manager directly, which brings down the overall expense. And the best part is, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference; you might have fewer options for food and decorations, but the quality will be just as nice as anything you could get from a third-party vendor.

  2. You Can Stress Less

    A wedding is supposed to be a simple celebration, not a situation that’s a sure recipe for stress and fighting. Instead of trying to arrange each tiny thing yourself, you can work with the banquet facility’s wedding planner, make a few simple personal customizations and then focus on the things that really matter: all the elements that actually go into starting a new life with your spouse-to-be. (There’s an additional calming bonus with an indoor venue, too, in that you won’t need to be the least bit concerned about it raining on the big day.)

  3. You Have a Blank Canvas (Just Not Too Blank)

    Banquet halls are good venues in that they’re pre-decorated enough that you don’t have to do a lot if you don’t want to — a few nice flower arrangements, and you’ll have a simple and elegant space — but there’s still a lot of room to decorate according to your theme and colors. If you do have a bigger budget, you can spend it on truly transforming the space (as opposed to spending all your money on the venue, then having nothing left to spruce it up).

What do you think? Is a banquet hall right for your wedding? Share your plans in the comments.

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