How to Choose the Right Custom Cabinet

When you need new cabinets, you need a good kitchen cabinet services company to build and install them. Solid custom cabinets are expensive, but they are beautiful and highly sturdy. Getting these cabinets can even help you to add more value to your home. When you get prefabricated commercial cabinets, it doesn’t add as much value, and they aren’t as beautiful as solid cabinets.

The type of cabinet that you want to get should take into account the look of the rest of the kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want raised panel Shaker cabinet doors or something more ornate, it should blend in well with the rest of the room. It’s helpful to look at a lot of cabinet styles to choose the best one for the room. The color that you choose also affects the way the room looks and whether it looks modern, dated, etc.

Getting new cabinets is a big expense, so make sure that you have a budget chosen before you start looking for your cabinets. This will keep you on budget and save you time from looking at cabinets that you can’t afford. Looking at pictures of cabinets online can help you to make your decision.

Wood can be a gorgeous addition to any room in your home, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving an old home an upgrade or customizing your new home. Custom wood cabinets offer a great balance if you plan to add different materials to a room, such as stainless steel stone.

Why custom wood cabinets? The U.S. cabinet industry generates nearly $20 billion in annual revenue, while the industry grew an estimated 4.1% every year from 2009 to 2014 as more home owners seek to add value to their homes.

Even the best custom bedroom furniture would compliment custom wood cabinets if you were looking to install a TV cabinet. There are 8,336 vanity and cabinet businesses in the U.S. today, so it should not be hard to find the company that’s right for your home improvement project.

About wood cabinets: Cabinets can either be built-in or free-standing against a wall. A built-in cabinet is almost always custom made for a certain situation or room and is fixed into position using professionals. A typical wood cabinet has at least one compartment, which can be open (open shelving) or closed (with a door). Custom wood kitchen cabinets are usually built with closed shelving, though you can opt for open if you like the design.

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How to choose the wood: Cabinet companies understand that everyone’s needs are different; whether you live in a cabin-style home or a posh city apartment, the feel your cabinets give to a room is everything, so you’ll want to make sure the type, color, and grain of the wood suites your aesthetic and functional needs.

Type of wood: First, do you want hardwood or softwood? Hardwood comes from broad-leafed trees such as oak and maple, while softwood comes from needle-bearing trees such as cedar and pine.

Wood color: Wood does vary in color; from the lightness of maple wood to the dark red color of cherry. Even if you choose one type of wood (oak, for example) the colors will also vary within tree species depending on environmental conditions.

It is these inevitable variations that give custom wood cabinets their charm. Many companies will also be able to enhance a certain aspect of the wood you’ve chosen, or they can dull a certain trait. Before choosing however, it is important to choose what color you’d like in your room. For example, you may want to opt for a lighter color for your custom bathroom vanities, but choose a robust color for your kitchen cabinets.

Wood grain: This is the alignment, texture, and patterns you see in a piece of wood. Every species has a different grain with distinct markings. There are a number of different variations in grain type: fine, straight, spiral, cross, wavy, curly, and an arch-shape. Again, depending on your room’s style, you can choose what type of grain.

Cost: The best custom wood cabinets cost will vary based on the type of wood, the grain, and how much you want to install. Ask a professional for a quote before purchasing the wood cabinets.
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