How Your Queen Bed Contributes to Poor Sleep

Promoting good health

The queen bed is a good size for individuals and couples alike. Even with the best queen bed mattresses, many Americans still report problems sleeping at night. There are many reasons why this is and there are ways to get a good night sleep.

In their studies, the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly half of Americans report having chronic pain. For about fifteen percent of adults, that pain is from sleeping in the wrong position. While a queen bed gives enough room to spread out, a traditional flat mattress makes it difficult to get a good night sleep. Since your body can move into a cramped position or bad posture on a flat mattress, it is not surprising that you wake up with aches and pains. With an adjustable bed, there may be less unconscious moving throughout the night to avoid pain.

Sleep comfort is paramount when it comes to being able to sleep better at night. With adjustable queen beds it may be possible to keep the body from curling up or the legs bending by simply elevating the head or feet. This can make you feel like you are in your favorite lounge chair and if you fall asleep in your chair frequently, that could indicate that an adjustable queen bed would be a good choice for you. The adjustable queen bed can be customized for both partners when the bed is shared. When each partner is comfortable, they experience better sleep, which may promote good health.

Type of Mattress
A traditional flat mattress is common in a queen bed and most people think of an adjustable bed as a twin size. But, adjustable beds are available in any size, including queen and king. When choosing an adjustable bed, the mattresses come in many types, including memory foam. The best sleep mattress is the one that supports your body in the correct places so there is not one area that had more pressure than another. It is important while shopping for a bed to fully lie down on the mattress in the position you usually sleep to gauge the support the mattress provides.

Having the right bed and mattress goes a long way toward sleep comfort and getting a good night sleep. When your queen bed is in need of replacement, try out an adjustable bed, especially if you and your partner have different sleep needs. You may find that an adjustable queen bed offers just what you need.

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