Got Bees? Keep Calm and Call an Expert

UPDATED 1/15/21

If you have a yard or a structure that bees have made a hive in, it can be a dangerous situation. Even if no one in the area is allergic to bee stings, getting a lot of stings can lead to catastrophic health problems or even death. If you need hee hive removal, don’t wait to have it done. Pay a company that specialized in bee elimination to take care of this problem for you. They have the right equipment to take care of your bee issues without anyone getting hurt.

If you try to remove a hive by yourself, things can go terribly wrong. No matter what the size of the hive is, it should be a bee hive removal service that performs this task. There are many techniques that go into removing a bee hive, and bee removal specialists understand how to use them to get the job done safely. It may be a bee hive in tree removal that you need done, and there may be ladders and other equipment needed. Stay safe indoors while the pros take care of your bee problem by hiring a company that is well-versed in removing bee hives of any size.

It’s easy to panic when you see a lot of bees in your yard, but drastic action isn’t always required. Sometimes you can live in harmony with bees and sometimes you can’t. Here are three steps for determining what action is required:

Step 1: Is it a bee infestation?

Bee swarm removal isn’t always necessary. In fact, a managed bee colony can actually benefit a property. Wasps, yellow-jackets and hornets, however, are often more dangerous and demand the services of pest control specialists.

Exercise caution when investigating a possible infestation. Colonies can contain 8,000-60,000 bees and wasps and hornets are easy to rile up. Bees with a brownish orange color and fuzzy bodies are probably honeybees. Yellow jackets, hornets and wasps are usually not fuzzy and tend to be more aggressive.

If you need to, use a camera with a long range lens to take pictures of the insects and compare it to pictures online to find out if you have a dangerous swarm or a gentle one.

Step 2: Is it a dangerous infestation?

A group of bees gathering around a tree branch is indicative of a swarm creating a new colony. Unless you see white honeycomb, the bees are unlikely to be aggressive and will leave you alone if you stay away. Contact bee removal services or local beekeepers to have them transport the bees to another location rather than destroying them. The same is true of bees that have made a hive in a tree or building cavity.

If you have a member of the household with bee allergies, you might have more trouble sharing your yard with bees, and if the bees have gotten inside, it can be downright dangerous for you and them. Give bees a chance, but don’t risk your safety if it comes down to it.

Step 3: Call a professional.

If you decide your bees need to be removed, don’t let pest control costs tempt you into doing it yourself. Bee swarm removal is better left to the professionals, especially since serious injury can result when someone inexperienced takes on a potentially aggressive bee colony.

Your first call should be to a beekeeper. They’ll often perform bee swarm removal services for free to protect the dwindling bee population, though it’s polite to reimburse them for travel and meal costs. If the beekeeper can’t handle the job, they might direct you to a pet control agency who can.

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