5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertop

Have you ever thought about everything that lands on your kitchen countertop? The kitchen countertop is really the base of your kitchen. It is the base of all things organization and control. You prep meals on the countertop. You prepare children?s lunches on the countertop. You even help your children with homework from the kitchen countertop. The kitchen countertop requires a custom solid surface that can be the base of all your family duties. When you are choosing the perfect type of solid surface kitchen countertop, consider these countertop requirements.

Strong and solid
Any type of countertop that you choose needs to be a solid surface kitchen countertop. It needs to be sturdy and strong. At times, you will have multiple heavy items on the countertop and you may even use it as a permanent storage space for crock pots, coffee machines, and spices. Specific materials such as granite and stone are known for their ability to be durable and everlasting. However, even a custom laminate countertop can be a solid surface kitchen countertop if it is installed correctly and made from high quality materials.

Clean look
Rarely are countertops made to stand out. Even if they are made out of high quality granite materials, the colors are selected to blend in with the rest of the kitchen decoration. Instead, most homeowners choose to install backsplash or beautiful cabinets to stand out. There are two basic types of laminate, one sixth inch thick general purpose, which is suitable for countertops, and one and thirty two inch vertical grade, ideal for backsplashes. For the best return on investment, choose a more generic design of countertop and use the backsplash for creativity and individuality.

Temperature resistant
A solid surface kitchen countertop also needs to be extremely temperature resistant. Your kitchen countertops will see all types of temperatures during cooking. If you pull something directly out of the oven and place it on the countertops, it is possible that the temperatures are up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a material that looks nice, but that also is high temperature resistant. Most manufacturers of quartz counters say the countertops can handle heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are countertops available in all materials and costs. The biggest factor in determining the cost of your new countertops is the specific materials that are used. Although laminate is one of the most cost effective options there is, it can look nice too. Laminate does not always have to look cheaper than other higher cost materials. The specific grade of laminate and the actual countertop manufacturer will also make a difference to the cost and overall look. Laminate is usually made of at least four materials, including resin, wear layer, decorative layer, and kraft paper.

Countertop spacing needs
When you plan the design of your countertops, you will also want to keep space needs in mind. Considering that so much goes on the top of your solid surface kitchen countertops, ensure that you have sufficient space. You will need room for storage of some kitchen utensils and machines, as well as open space for cooking needs. If you have an island counter or seating at your countertop, you will need even more space. Larger kitchens and expansive cooking space is what usually sells a house, so your additional countertop space will be worth it.

Countertop builders build in all types, materials, and sizes. Kitchens are one of the best remodel projects that you can complete in your home, because of the huge return on investment potential. When you are planning your kitchen countertops, be sure to choose something that is sturdy and strong, high temperature resistant, has sufficient room for storage and cooking needs, and completes the overall clean look of the kitchen. Your kitchen countertops take a lot of wear and tear and you want to be sure that they will hold up to the pressure.

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